Arrangement workshop

The dynamics of workshop in small group consists in weekly meetings and it is focuses on 2 fundamental points:

The production and elaboration of own arrangements, taking care of the possible problems, doubts and decisions that could appear at the moment of the realization.

Analysis of reference arrangements and works from the harmonic, contrapuntal, formal, compositional and orchestral points of view.


Consult days, hours and classes by skype


Seminar of Musical Arrangements

(From the pencil to the recording studio)

Analysis of the procedures and tools for the elaboration, writing and recording in studio of an arrangement.

The seminar is not focused on a specific musical genre, rather in the work methodology, attending each point and stage from the eventual commission of the arrangement, to the recording studio.
Dedicated to large groups, with a total workload of 6 hours, in two blocks or days of 3 hours.


The Piano in Tango

The course is aimed at all those students who want to relate whit tango from the pianistic language.

Know the piano as a representative instrument of popular music by the tango approach.

See the development and piano performance in different ensembles, orchestra and as a soloist.

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