Band :
Release Date : December 1, 2015
Label :
Format : CD

The album was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2017 as Best Tango album.This orchestra, integrated by young musicians, tries to evoke the sonority of the great typical orchestras that flourished in the Tango golden years, from a renovating style with its arrangements and interpretations. These are the cases of “Garua”, “Por la vuelta”, “Un Momento”, famous titles of the rich musical and poetic citizen heritage.

The repertoire of the CD also contains the interpretation of the Concert for piano and Orchestra “Tres casi Tangos” by Roque de Pedro, composed in 2011.This version was adapted and arranged especially for a typical Tango orchestra.

In “Tres casi Tangos” , Roque de Pedro combines elements of the music of Buenos Aires, with formal treatments of academic music, blurring the margins and thus outlining the influence and mutual enrichment between academic music and popular music.